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Over 90% of relationships end because of a guy’s poor performance in bed. The lady, in a moment of weakness, ends up seeking love in other arms.

I know reading this hurts, but it’s necessary for me to tell you the truth because it’s extremely tough for a guy to accept that something might be wrong with him, and perhaps that’s your case.

As your advisor and friend, it’s my duty to keep you informed about this study.

When a relationship ends, it’s unlikely the woman will tell you the truth because she still respects you and doesn’t want to offend you.

But a study was conducted with over 50,000 women who separated from their husbands, and it concluded the following:

90% of women decided to split because their partner didn’t bring them pleasure, came home tired, lacked enthusiasm, and had poor performance in bed.

So, my friend, there’s a significant chance your relationship ended due to your performance in bed.

The sooner you accept this, the quicker you’ll regain your vitality.

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Don’t deceive yourself thinking that just being a good guy is enough for her to stay with you for life.

Women like men who are good to others but extremely naughty with them in bed.

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